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Winamp 5.63.3235

Winamp 5.63.3235

Winamp – один из лучших MP3 проигрывателей.
Основные функциональные возможности: проигрывание музыкальных файлов в моно и стерео режимах (поддерживает свыше 20 форматов, среди них MP1-3, WAV и другие), CD-аудио дисков, минибраузер для работы с аудио потоком из Интернета, богатый гардероб скинов и плагинов, выбор файлов из PlayList, удобный эквалайзер...

Что нового в Winamp 5.63.3235:
New: Hungarian and Indonesian installer translations and language packs
New: [enc_vorbis] Ogg Vorbis Encoder (based on aoTuV)
Improved: Shift+F10 app key support in the Media Library
Improved: [enc_fhgaac] Added VBR mode 6, plus other minor quality improvements
Improved: [in_flac] Producer metadata support
Improved: [in_mod] Refactored, simplified and threadsafe memory allocation
Improved: [ml_history] Save playcounts when updated instead of only on exit
Improved: [ml_local] Increased search query buffers from 512 or 1024 to 2048 bytes
Improved: [gen_hotkeys] Added manual advance and visualization specific actions
Fixed: Embedded album art not working in some scenarios
Fixed: Video window reopening after being closed when editing mp4 tags
Fixed: [aacdec] Memory leak when re-syncing to AAC stream
Fixed: [bmp] Bounds checking in TSCC decoder
Fixed: [bmp] Heap overflow issues (thanks: Secunia)
Fixed: [in_avi] Divide-by-zero and NULL pointer issues (thanks: FuzzMyApp)
Fixed: [in_mod] .IT memory & heap corruption issues (thanks: Jeremy Brown, MSVR)
Fixed: [ml_local] Crash in MLDBAPI::SetField cache
Fixed: [pmp_android/usb] Genre and Year metadata edits writing to Disc# field
Fixed: [vis_milk2] Presets not reacting to music in localized installs (Milkdrop v2.25)
Misc: More general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations
Updated: [aacdec] Fraunhofer AAC Decoder v1.762.208
Updated: [in_vorbis] libogg 1.3.0 & libvorbis 1.3.3
Updated: [lame_enc] LAME 3.99.5
Updated: [png] libpng v1.5.10
Updated: [vp8] libvpx v1.1.0
Updated: [xml] expat v2.1.0
Updated: [zlib.dll] zlib 1.2.7
Размер: 16.5 mb | Язык: Русский | Платформа: Win All | Бесплатная
Загрузок [ 45596 ]


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ICQ 8.0.5990
ICQ 8.0.5990

Mozilla Firefox 18.0.2
Mozilla Firefox 18.0.2

ArtMoney 7.40.4
ArtMoney 7.40.4


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